Il nuovo Kerio Connect 9.2.6

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La nuova versione 9.2.6 introduce molte novità e una lunga lista di ottimizzazioni. La lista completa potete leggerla al termine di questo breve articolo oppure consultando la release history a questo indirizzo .

Tra le novità più attese l’introduzione del supporto per ActiveSync 16 che offre il supporto alla sincronizzazione della cartella delle bozze tra dispositivi mobili e mailbox in Kerio Connect e il supporto per gli allegati negli eventi di calendario.

Tra le altre funzionalità degne di attenzione segnaliamo che lo script di configurazione automatica per MacOS ora supporta anche MacOS High Sierra.

Version 9.2.6

Kerio Connect
+ Support for Exchange ActiveSync 16
+ ActiveSync 16: Syncing the Drafts Folder
+ ActiveSync 16: Calendar Attachments
– The delete button is not available in Context menu of WebMail
– ActiveSync Calendar event deleted from webmail remains on iOS device
– ActiveSync Fails to parse request from iPhone when the location is given
– Events created from WebMail are not getting synchronized to Calendar application on certain setup
– Kerio Connect Sync app on Android does not Sync in a certain configuration
– Wrong Timezone detected for (UTC +01:00) on Windows
– Send to Mail recipient from Windows Explorer context menu does not work
– Kerio Connect Account Assistant hang on Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13)
– Emails containing images with a link to another URL is opened incorrectly (MacOS)
– Slow HTTP POST vulnerability
– XSS Vulnerability
– AV fails to scan when it detects a special character
– Telephone number fields are not properly synced from AD for GAL Contacts
– High Reference Count – EWS Error in Log
– PDF attachments are converted to .bin for some emails
– Crash in Apple Mail after receiving an error message from Kerio Connect
– Bayes is not able to re-learn the message
– Kerio Connect: Email Search by Number – Size in search box not correctly displayed
– Kerio Connect: Email Search by Number – Time in search box not correctly displayed
– Kerio Connect vCard does not escape the semicolon in phone numbers
– Windows 10 Calendar Event not displaying in WebMail
– AntiSpam SMTP greeting delay doesn’t apply to Secure SMTP
– Sub-folder in Sent Folder displays Emails Sender Address in Kerio Connect Client
– Process crash after a timeout when stopping busy service
– IM: Long incoming message is not scrolling on top
– Unable to select any font style other than Aerial and Default
– REsponses from attendees are not removed from CalInbox when an event is changed
– Domain name in Connect can’t contain multiple dashes in sequence
– Click on desktop notification should not change the position of New messages marker
– Default avatar changes after updating contact and refreshing
– Error after moving lots of contacts between two folders
– Drag and drop email from “to” to “email body” is buggy
– Shrink inline images to the viewport
– Default timezone set according to the browser, not server settings
– Spell checker: It’s not possible to fix words that are in front of a special character
– It’s possible to remove the last user with admin rights
– Updated Boost to improve html2plain conversion
– Issue when uploading filename with invalid characters in the name
– Strange character in webmail causes email not to be displayed
– General fixes and improvements