Kerio Connect 9.2.7 patch 1

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E’ stata rilasciata oggi, 24 luglio 2018 l’ultima versione 9.2.7 patch 1 di Kerio Connect. Si tratta di un bug-fix release che risolve alcuni problemi presenti nella versione precedente.

Può essere scaricata dal “repository” ufficiale:

Ecco i dettagli:

FIX: Changed to Exchange ActiveSync 14 due to iOS compatibility issues
FIX: Cryptosetup version 1.2.0 to support centos6 and Debian wheezy
FIX: Unable to disable encryption in certain situations
FIX: Shared domain calendars cannot be modified (Outlook on Mac)
FIX: Setting up a meeting from iOS with ActiveSync does not send invitations (includes re-invites)
FIX: Unable to add an attachment to the event in a calendars
FIX: Unable to set license on Linux when Encryption is enabled
FIX: Unable to upgrade Kerio Connect on VMware Virtual Appliance
FIX: Debian APT was being changed to Buster