Novità: Kerio Connect 9.3.0, ora con TLS 1.3

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La nuova versione 9.3.0 aggiunge il supporto al TLS 1.3 che garantisce compatibilità con la nuova versione del protocollo di cifratura.

TLS 1.3 Support for HTTPS connections (EWS / ActiveSync / Web)
TLS 1.3 Support for IMAPS connections
TLS 1.3 Support for SMTPS connections
TLS 1.3 Support for POP3 connections

In questa versione sono presenti numerosi bug-fix, ecco l’elenco:

KoffRtfWrapper.exe process sometimes crashes
Update checker does not fallback to HTTP
User Office field is not synchronized from AD
CardDAV Sync not fully working with Shared Folders on Mac OSX
No desktop notification for INBOX subfolders
Webmail bug – Cannot open MS Teams link in webmail
AppleMail (EWS) crash when receiving an invite from Lotus Notes
Calendar event attachment field is always in English
Cannot change user public folder rights using a domain admin account
Error when editing multiple users at the same time
KOFF is unable to open resource as attached mailbox
Paperclip attachment icon disappears from outlook and webmail for emails with attachments
Attachment filter not blocking attachment
TLSv1.2 is not used for client connections by default
User in Outlook for Mac can create an all-day calendar event and it’s synchronized with Webmail
Webmail – Send an email with an active long text footer
Webmail – Calendar attachments gets broken
Webmail – task due date changes when the page is reloaded
Editing meetings in Outlook for Mac causes hyperlinks to double