Kerio Connect 10.0.5

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GFI ha rilasciato la nuova versione 10.0.5 di KerioConnect 10.0.5. Si tratta di una versione di manutenzione con alcuni miglioramenti significativi delle prestazioni, principalmente relativi al protocollo EAS.

La nuova versione รจ disponibile nel consueto repository .

Full release notes (Fixes):

– Logging in with 2FA generates errors in the logs

– KOFF Automatic Updates not working on RDS

– Some emails not opened from within Webmail

– Only the first attachment is kept on calendar events

– Attachments missing in WebMail when added from KOFF

– KOFF preview showing incorrect characters

– CalDAV client on MacOS receives wrong time zone for calendar event

– Vulnerability fixes for potential spoofing

– Search folder not containing correct items in KOFF

– Multiple repeated calendar event notifications via EAS

– Attachments in calendar events created through KOFF are broken on iOS devices

– Incorrect status display on AppManager registration and connectivity

– AppManager registration and removal working correctly

– Shared definitions – time range groups are not synchronized from within AppManager

– Memory leak fixes

– High server CPU load when using ActiveSync